Diana's Closet is for ladies who are after UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE apparel.

We are an Australian Online Boutique that seeks to empower and inspire women with their clothing choices and UNIQUE options.

We specialise in ladies clothes, shoes and accessories
Diana's Closet was formed as a platform on which to share quality, unique and different fashion ideas with women around the world. We cater for the true chameleon women  and bring together a UNIQUE  collection of casual clothing, daytime clothing , evening wear, glamour, elegance and luxury. We curate and design clothing that have a unique, glamourous and posh look and feel.
 Beyond helping women look their best, we aim to make every women's shopping experience a positive one.

Our goal is to consistently deliver on our promised value proposition aligned to customer’s expectations. Also, staying true to our core values in every communication channel is  our key to building credibility, consistency and trust. We promise to deliver unique styles, uncompromising fashion, consistent quality and excellent customer service. 

At Diana's Closet we believe that every woman is unique and individual.  We also seek to empower women with information and knowledge about the fashion world and latest trends through our fortnightly blog posts. Here we dive deep into the secrets of always looking your best without too much effort and we also interview fashion icons and influencers and get them to reveal their fashion secrets  

We aim to update our customers with new arrivals regularly.
Our mission statement is “Be Unique, Be who you want to be “
We believe that every women is unique, beautiful and special is their own way. 

Founded in 2018, Diana’s Closet is one of the fastest growing online boutiques in Australia


Ok, I will admit it

I am one of those people that has to keep the lip stick on ! I  always try to look my best , love good quality clothes and like to look very .. very exclusive at any party or event. I thrive from all the comments I get from gatherings


“wow! You look amazing “

“ where did you get that dress ... it’s gorgeous “


So when I arrived in Australia a few years ago and couldn’t really find a place that spoke my language. I decided to curate and design those special pieces and share them with other like minded ladies.

Hi, my name is Blessing Diana,
I am the owner of Diana's closet. I am a mother of three gorgeous children and wife to an amazing guy. I was born in Southern Africa but grew up in the  United Kingdom and have recently relocated to Australia. 
I could say I was born an entrepreneur, because as far back as I can remember I have always been in the selling business.
I was selling sweets door to door at the age of 9.
I started this business  with a passion to bring ladies a unique kind of fashion and great customer service, also to build a tribe or community of unique women who are confident in their own skin. I know that behind every order is a person and I want all my customers to be happy and to have a great shopping experience.
My team and I are here to help you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
You can contact me directly on