8 Essential Undergarments Every Mum Needs

Hours, days, months?

Time is relative, especially once you enter the world of mom-hood. Running around after little ones or trying to get along with your anti social wannabe adults  is even more demanding in the current day and age. Moms often find it difficult to stock up on important wardrobe undergarment essentials. The reasons can be many; including not knowing your needs from wants. It is vital to know what the most important essentials and daily necessities are. Almost all, but especially new moms, tend to put themselves in the backseat. However, it is enormously imperative to stay groomed and chic. It is vital to stay updated and stylish, largely because happy moms are the best moms! Here are the top 8 important essentials on our list to get you started on your 2021 chic wardrobe!

Important undergarment essentials for moms (or girls) in 2021:

Tee-shirt bras:

All women will agree that these little undergarments are largely underrated. All moms, need these type of bras to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. Tee-shirt bras are helpful when you decide to throw on a plain t-shirt with jeans and head out in a rush. These are a great addition to a chic wardrobe and help you look smooth, yet presentable.


Another exciting and one of the most important essentials for moms. Shapewear can help ease you into most evening wear. It helps channel your inner goddess and keeps everything in its place!

Here are the most important pieces of shapewear that you need in your wardrobe

  1. Full body shapewear
  2. Spanex

Not only are these good for helping you ease into evening wear, they are also essential for smoothing out lumps, bumps and cellulite. They also keep our mama lumps and bumps from moving around too much while out and about.



Camisoles allow moms a variety of functions as important essentials. Camisoles come in a number of diverse materials and are therefore, multi-purpose. Mostly used as shapewear or inner wear in see-through undergarments. Every mum should have at least one white , one black and one nude cami. Camisoles can be a vital part of a chic mom wardrobe.


The good old panty- house

Am I old fashioned or what ?

Panty-hose can be a vital part of daily-wear for all moms and one the most important essentials in your wardrobe. Panty-hose can help serve as formal wear or even to smooth things out when you’re not feeling like baring everything; which is very often for some of us.


As a mum, comfort comes first right …. So if you are like me you absolutely hate thongs cause the dig into you bum line …. Yep I said it

I still think that a mum needs to own a couple of these for when they are needed the most.

Moms barely have time to worry about panty lines through tight dresses or camouflage tricky clothes throughout the day. This is when thongs come in handy. These can help with your confidence level and will barely be visible through sheer clothes if you get the right color.


Invisible strap bras:

These items are similar to strapless bras. However, these have an invisible strap for additional support. moms can benefit most from this product; as it is not always easy to carry strap-less bras without feeling uncomfortable.

Strapless bras:

Strapless bras are a god-send in the list of important essentials for moms. These can help effortlessly bind your whole look together without those pesky straps for your off shoulder dresses.

Racerback bra:

These are one of the most important essentials for all moms. These are particularly comfortable for working out or wearing with racerback tops.

These 8 important essentials will help get moms through the craziest period of their lives. Newbie and even experienced mummies can stock up on these essentials and go through their routine tasks effortlessly….. and if you are not a mum don’t worry you too need these essentials in your wardrobe.