An Intel on Keeping Your Dress-up Game Strong

How To Dress For Your Body.


When I say that it’s  no rocket science when it comes to dressing smarter, I actually mean it.

Oh! Moms? Yeah, we specifically have to be ultra-picky when it comes to choosing the perfect dresses. Why? Admit it or not, our bodies have gone through a roller-coaster of hormones and putting on pounds, followed by the struggle to lose those pounds. But BEHOLD! The struggle doesn’t mean you have to dress up boring and bland. You just need to discover your body type and dress accordingly.

So, let me share  how to figure out the perfect dress type for your body without staring blankly at the try-room mirror? Well, here are a few steps to identify while doing so. Believe me this is going to make decision making slightly simpler and you can thank me later. 

The body types are divided into four main types for a “general reference”. By general reference I mean to say that not all body types fall under one of these four categories and you have to find your “in-between” and choose dresses which make you look flattering. These body types are as under:


Triangle Shape or Pear Shape Body-Type

This body type usually represents those mom’s with full hips, wider waist as compared to the bust, and narrower shoulders as compared to hips. It is best to keep all the attention at the top as this is your secret weapon. You can opt for statement necklaces and long earing which accentuate you upper body and pair your trendy tops with funky accessories.

Wardrobe Picks:

Opt for deep necks or V-necks. Cowl necks and flared-sleeves is also your kind of a thing. For bottoms, skirts, flared jeans and boot cut jeans are your great friends.


Things to consider:

To draw attention to the waist, go for waist fitted dresses which are loose fitted beyond waist line e.g. A-line, princess cuts etc.



Curvy or Hourglass Shape Body-Type:

You fall under this category if you have a slender waist, fuller bust and hips. This body shape has been talk of the town for long, in the past.  The use of corsets to attain sleek waist was popular.  Firstly, you need to take advantage of your God gifted slim waist and secondly, you can wear dresses that define your ultra-feminine curves.

Things to consider:

Stay away from loose fits and boxy styles. They don’t do justice to your curves. Always add a belt to highlight your waist if you ever wander off to the boxy fits.



Apple Shaped  Shaped Body:


Apple shaped body types are usually the ones with bulky upper body as compared to the lower one.  They tend to have slimmer legs and a not so well-defined waist line. The plan here is the take away the attention from the upper body, high-light the sleek and gifted legs and wear deep V-necks to make the torso look longer

Things to consider: Avoid skinny jeans and fitted tops as this with further highlight the apple shape.


Rectangle or Banana Body Type

You would have a fairly uniform body from shoulders to hips. It is also called Athletic Shaped body. The idea here is the highlight your arms and legs. Flared and ruffled skirts can do the job for you.



Things to consider:

Over-arching dresses are not your style so it is better to steer clear of those.

And Voila!

Next time when you are stuck in the labyrinth of choosing THE DRESS, this shape and style guide would save nine and help you dress wiser.

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