How To Wear Red

I remember fifteen years ago as a budding teen girl excited to go on my first valentine date; the result is perpetually etched in my diary as an absolute catastrophe with a dramatic title, The Valentine Disaster.


No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to forget the look on my boyfriend’s (now husband's) face as we walked through a fully packed mall, the turn around glances from girls within my age bracket, which at the time I mistook for admiration were all too numerous.


Except for a yoga class, or apprenticeship for Santa, a red legging on a red tank top is probably a bad idea. My first attempt at a red valentine was an absolute disaster.


If this were a movie plot, that would be the part where I swore never to get my red wrong again, if you think that, then you are correct. It is bizarre how our lives are often no more than a movie plot.


Wearing red is a precarious business, especially during valentine when it is the “cliche” color of the day. Perhaps you are rethinking your planned set as you read this now, you may want to take a pause from changing your mind.


Even though it takes great care to get our red right, red is “The color” in the color wheel. If ‘killing it’ was a color, it would be red. So, don’t rebag your red clothes yet, it may be all you need to pull off a perfect outfit.


Here are a few suggestions on how you can wear red to be unforgettable:


  • The RED Dress: Every girl needs a Red Dress. The perfect dinner or party red dress, a gorgeous show stopper. Have you heard of the RED DRESS EFFECT, well with Valentine ’s Day approaching, girl, let me educate you. The red dress effect is a commonly accepted phenomenon in which women wearing a red dress are perceived to be more sexually appealing. Also as a color, red comes with an army of symbolic meanings like passion, love, seduction, sensuality, courage, anger, happiness, danger, power. With the exceptions of anger and danger, the rest are pretty awesome qualities to project on your date. So….. If your intention is to make a loud statement with your looks on your planned night out, or remind your man how hot you are a bold  red dress might be all you need.


  • The Red Jacket: The weather often influences the choice we make or the trajectory of our fashion trends. Choosing an outfit for the cold and a classy result, nothing will serve you better than a red jacket. Such an exclusive ensemble will glamorize your entire look. With a simple look on the rest of you and a red coat, whether a leather jacket, cape, trench coat, red makes them all the better.
  • The Red Trousers: Sometimes all you need to develop the confidence it requires to rock an all-red chic look is to start small. A pair of red trousers is a great place to start. It comes with the attention, the classy audacity that comes with red, and yet simplicity that an all-red outfit would totally forgo. Red trousers make your lower torso the center of focus, so it is advised you pair them up with simplistic complementary tops with easy colors, white, black, just keep it bland and minimal
  • The Red Top: Red can turn any piece of clothing into an absolute chic ensemble, that is the most prominent aspect of such an audacious color. With such an eye-catching hue, red is the perfect color to turn a minimal top into a fashion statement, which stands you out in a sea of competition fashionable trends. It does not matter if you are choosing to put on a pair of denim trousers, classy velvet trousers, or high waist black flayed cut trousers, laced layered skirts, a drape of the scarlet top is sure to accessorize your look. Though it is important you remember to keep your top minimalist and don’t invade with a jacket or any other primary color
  • The Red Accessories: Perhaps there is a need for subtlety in your approach to red. Wearing red without making it the core of your outfit, you can play around with red accessories, it is difficult to be wrong. A darker hue of red, for high knee boots, gloves, barret, a handbag, purse, or even winter scarf. Thanks to the audaciousness of red, you will make a fashion statement without feeling like you are overdoing it on the reds.