5 Practical Trend Tips for Moms to Stay in The Game

When it comes to mastering mom fashion, the first thing that should cross your mind is the ultimate COMFORT level. With winter around the corner, multiply the need for comfort plus trend into a hundred thousand.

As a mom, you are never off duty and somewhere along that road, you forget who you are as an individual because we moms are always giving. We are constantly on the move, playing multiple roles, multi-tasking and also over-tasking, I would say. We exhaust ourselves out completely! Don't we?

Henceforth, such times are a good reminder that we need to put it all together bit by bit and restore some fun in our lives as an individual. After all, the vibes you give off with your personality also affect how your homies see you as a person. Also, it is your right to invest time in yourself and to feel good about it. 

Here are some 100% practical tips for you to up your outfit game and look trendy this summer:

Tip #1

The Perfect Fit

Let's face the fact that most of the time, when a mom gets time to dress up, it is relatively short. You have to be quick and creative to make the most of it. Looking great in a dress is only possible if it fits you. Wrong sizes look shabby and gaudy as they give a false impression of your body shape and seem to knockout proportional details from your look.

To keep things practical and straightforward, follow these tips for choosing the perfect fit:

  • Choose tops with shoulder seams that fall on the shoulder—not drooping past the shoulder or hanging mid-way up your clavicles.
  • The skirt length should end at your knee or above your knee.
  • Maxi dresses should end just at your toe length, not beyond that to drag behind you, unless you want a trail-style maxi.
  • Jeans and pants should not gather at the bottom. Skinny jeans should be up to the ankles and flared jeans should fall down to the toes, not beyond.

Tip #2

Choose from the Chosen-The Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is the most practical advice you can get as a mom. You can choose your favourite colors and pair up those colours with solid-colours. For example, a red, yellow or a bright orange top can go with basic coloured pants, shorts or a skirt. This way, you can buy a few things to mix and match with others and still pull off the trendiest looks in town. Let say, you have 8 tops, 3 pants, 2 skirts and a few dresses. You can now make your own combinations within this given theme. Make sure you decide colour themes ahead of shopping or update your current wardrobe accordingly so that everything falls together.

Tip #3

Look-Out for Trending Cuts and Shapes

When you have finally decided to get back to your old self bit by bit, start noticing the trends around you. You will easily find hints of upcoming trends from the local market, online dress collections etc.

Always pick jeans which are in the “now cut”. Flared jeans and distressed mom-jeans are pretty much trending, so you need to choose tops accordingly as well.

Shoes -dressing up includes your footwear. Also, this is the utmost important thing when we talk about comfort. Ever considered minimalist shoes? If not, believe me you'd love the idea as much as the trend. Flats and sandals are a good option for moms on the go as these provide good ankle support, cushion-effect and flexibility.



Tip #4

Accessorize for the Thrill of It

According to influencers and experts, accessorizing your look with some statement pieces can be a big game-changer. Using longer necklaces at cleavage or below can give you a lean look by making your upper body look longer. For earrings, use long dangly ones to lengthen your facial proportion and brighten up your face.


Tip #5

Indulge in Shapewear

Ladies! There is absolutely no need to shy away from this incredible option. You can take support from shapewear on special occasion when you really need to be out there wearing you body-hugging dresses. Thanks to innovation, you can get away with your baby weight with some smart skirts and dresses which incorporate shapewear inside the clothing itself. Make sure you try these on prior to billing to be comfortable with the amount of compression, be it leggings, tank tops, pencil-skirts and so on.

There you have it! Mommies and mommies-to-be , some fashion-forward advise to stoll in trend all summer long. It will save you some of your daily struggles and perhaps, some makeover mishaps aswell. Good Luck!