7 Upbeat Ways to Wear a Tutu Skirt- Pair Up Guide

Tutu skirts have a special place in a girl's heart, and they give you the feels of a young, playful ballerina. So be it! They have a rather feminine and chic air about them, but how to wear our tulle tutu skirt in multiple creative ways without actually looking like a ballerina right out from the studio?

If you want me to be honest, there are hundreds of ways you can mix and match your tulle tutu skirt with other pieces of clothing without sweating over a thing. It is high time to bring your own style to street fashion because nobody will judge you for looking chic and comfortable in your own skin. The best thing about skirts is that they give your body shape some natural curves without bringing out unwanted details (IYKWIM :D).

Do Your Homework-Essential Tips on Deciding the Look:

Where are you wearing the skirt: It is the best thing to do some mental work pre-deciding the dress for an event. It saves such a lot of end moment stress, and you make wiser decisions when at peace with your mind. So always ponder over the fact that it is appropriate to wear the outfit where you are wearing it. For example,it is not a good idea to wear a tulle multi-tiered skirt to an office, funeral or an official meeting etc.

What type of skirt you choose to wear: Tutu skirts can be extra poofy and ruffeled; some are multi tired and fluffy while others are more structured and on the flatter side. So choose according to your body type. Another thing to consider here is the length of the skirt. You can choose short and sexy styles, longer midi ones or even goddess styled maxi tutu skirts. Always choose a style that complements your body rather than copying influencers and celebrities who have a totally different physique than you.

How you are wearing the skirt: It is best to tuck your tulle tutu skirt at the slimmest part of your waist and not on the actual hipbone. This way, the beauty of your natural curves and the flow of your skirt gathers looks optimal.

The Pair-Up Party

Here are some options you can use to pair up your tutu skirt and look your boldly best:

  • Jackets and fitted top
  • Bolero shrugs
  • Knitted top or sweaters
  • Fitted bodysuits
  • Camisoles in solid colours
  • Simple or fancy button-down blouses
  • Graphic T-shirts


Finally, whatever you do, don't be afraid to stride with confidence and put on a million-dollar smile on your face because that, my ladies, is something that makes you look the most expensive diva on earth. So brace yourself, take a deep breath and get out there to do what you do best.