7 Mum Tips To Get That Luxury Look For Less

A few things get finer with growing age, and your dressing instincts are one of those. Also, year after year, you have to choose what you wear wisely. This limitation of choice, which involves a moment of thought, happens so because your body undergoes apparent changes, the environment around you changes, for example attending a prom night vs. being a businesswoman or graduating from college vs. dropping kids off to school. No matter what the situation is, you need to be geared up to give it your best. This is utterly important for moms who want to feel positive, chic, and vibrant. Check out these styling tips which can help you to look luxurious without being heavy on your pockets:

New moms need to appreciate their bodies and embrace the changes because inner conflicts create a terrible body image. So, know your body and style it accordingly.

If you are planning to up your dress-up game, then your lingerie is an important player. Any outfit with a misfit bra or shape-wear is a big failure because your body will not have a definition it needs to do justice to the dress.

For working moms, it is a good practice to opt for seasonal wardrobe revamping and invest in formal suits and dresses.

One of the best tips to look classy and luxurious is to dress according to the event.

Always amp up your look with decent and delicate accessories. Some great examples of these are pearl necklaces, bracelets, studs and a wedding ring, trendy scarves, large handbags etc.

When shopping for shoes, opt for trendy boots, classy flats, and pumps. Platform heels are a big YES!

Here are a few luxurious looks to try without spending a fortune yet looking classy and expensive:

 Try a Flamboyant Spring Look

Maxis are a great way to look exquisite, especially when paired up with sandals. You don’t have to wear stiletto sandals. You can go for block heels or flat sandals for the most comfort. Gladiator sandals are also a great way to look trendy when paired with a striped maxi in chic style. Stripes are in vogue, and maxi with longitudinal stripes is an excellent idea for attaining that femme fatal spring look.

Boot Up with Skinny Leggings

This is a look you can get creative with. To get this look you can try different pastel-colored tops, up to hip-length, to go with your skinny leggings. Crep or georgette tops with A-line cuts, winter cardigans, or short evening dresses such as silk dresses can all go with dark blue legging and long brown boots.

 If you want to try this look with a classic pink cardigan, don’t forget to accessorise it with silver jewellery and a chunky necklace.

Tell a Tale of Summer with a Flowy Maxi

Choosing a pink sleeveless maxi dress over all others seems like a crazy idea but such minimal choices have one big advantage over others, “they just make you look so young and fresh.” To make the best of this look, go for bold sunglasses and wedges. You would agree that the entire look gives off striking vibes altogether.

Go floral, GoYoung

Floral tops give off a young vibe, especially when paired up with cropped skinny jeans. You can go for mom jeans, boy-friend jeans, balloon jeans, or short flared jeans to attain this super chic look. Pair it up with leather peep-toes and a straw hat, and you will be on Cloud 9, knowing how you feel about this look.

 Victoria Beckham’s Look


Who doesn’t know Victoria Beckham as a style icon and as a stunning singer from the pop sensation band, The Spice Girls? Try out one of her trendiest mom looks in a plain black maxi on a casual day. It is plainly mesmerising, and it can be worn with any shoes, flip flops or accessorised with metallic jewellery, for example.


Mom and Baby Matching Outfits

This is the most popular trend seen with celebrities. Many options for matching outfits are available online, and you can do a duo or a trio outfit match with your little ones. Go for basic colors, monochromes, and designs like black and white polka dots for the most sophistication.

The Denim Deal

Denim jackets never go out of fashion but you can get creative with the look and pair up classy pieces together for that outclass vibe.  This summer, wear you denim jacket like never before. For this look, pair a plain white top with a black maxi skirt and accessorise your look with the denim jacket. The final look is casual but exquisite.

We hope that you will enjoy these exuberant street styles and feel great in your skin while doing so. Cheers!