Not dressed like a lamb- How to celebrate your individuality

Talking about individuality, the idea of being unique and original somehow
gets overshadowed in our race to catch up with the trends and be on-point
with the street fashion upgrades. It feels like we are dragging ourselves to fit
into that one style that this celebrity wore, or those epic shoes which every
other person out there is buying. It is just too overwhelming trying to fit into
someone else's shoes that it feels like a sin to be original, doesn't it?

Let me tell you something honestly. Carrying your own personal style is not a
sin; believe me, you will not be an outcast if you dress according to your age,
event, and time. But, unfortunately, we fail to recognise that the celebrities
that we try to follow blindly are actually dressing according to their
customised style. Unless they are paid thousands of dollars to do so or play a
character in a movie and promote it. The point is, we don't have to follow
what we see blindly but instead take hints from the ongoing trends and
upgrade our wardrobe slightly, not entirely.

1.Wear according to your age

The most important thing to consider while upgrading your wardrobe is to
acknowledge the age factor. There is a smooth transition from teens to 30s
and then to 40s and so on. We do not need to fit in our old clothes, and it is
completely normal as biologically, our bones become wider, joints spread out
a little, and our metabolisms take a dip as we age further. This means an
increase in your clothing size but, of course, not an overwhelming one,
relatively. Do not feel guilty. Embrace the change but do not forget to be

2.Wear according to your comfort zone

The idea of dressing according to your comfort zone is another important
factor that helps you maintain your inner peace (outer too) and individuality.
You can't just dress like someone else and feel 100% comfortable. The style,
the fit the materials you choose define your personality and you can't
complain about losing your individuality unless you follow your heart, can
you? So take a breather, keep it simple and enjoy life while looking for outfits
that are close to your style range. This will help you to upgrade your style
without giving up your personal style altogether.

3. Wear according to your daily activities
Practicality is a key for a successful woman. Wear clothes that allow you to
function while looking classy. You cant expect yourself to run to the grocery
store in a satin gown, so look for some dressy tracksuits paired with kitten
heels, sneakers or chunky joggers etc.
Being true
Being true to yourself is essential. Do not copy anyone and just be who you
are and who you want to be. We know what suits us the best before anyone else does. Instead,
meditate and ponder over your inner self and you will connect instantly.

4.Being original

Be original and carry your own style. There are a few unique things about
every individual which make their statement style. But, don't forget that you
are different In a good way and that you need to retain your individuality.
Owning it
Be aware of your body and your style. Admit that you wear what you wear
boldly if you love to. It is what makes you who you are, and you cant toss it
under the carpet to look like someone else. Self-acceptance and self-
awareness brings confidence and brilliance in your aura which no riches can
So don’t forget to smile wide and shine!
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